Food and drink in the Whisperer Plan

A food list of what to eat and what not to eat can be found in chapter 16, page 168.

I can follow the Whisperer Plan for 12 weeks, but I cannot completely avoid drinking beer or wine. I can certainly try and cut down but don't have the will power to completely give up. Are there any tips to manage or avoid alcohol?

Drinking alcohol is going to make your Whisperer journey more difficult, because in the presence of alcohol, the liver detoxifies the alcohol and fat burning is prevented. Most alcohols bring a significant amount of carbs, and this will also prevent fat burning and fat adaptation.

Do everything in your power to avoid alcohol for at least the first six weeks and look forward to a drink when you have a treat meal.

We discuss this in our book ‘TheDiet Whisperer:12-Week Reset Plan’ on page 27, 152 and 190. Please take special note of the advice on page 190.

In the US (or at least in the Rocky Mountain region where I grew up) venison equals deer meat, but I want to make sure I can add bison and elk meat to the list.

Yes, you can, meat from any animal can be eaten as part of the Diet Whisperer Plan. Wild animals and farmed animals, who have been fed and finished on grass, have the highest amount of healthy anti-inflammatory omega 3s, compared to those fed on grain.

I’m about to embark on the Whisperer Plan, but I have a question please? Can tomatoes be included?

Yes, tomatoes are included in the Whisperer Plan. The macronutrient value of tomatoes in 100g or 3.5 ounces) is net carbs 3.41g, fat 0.63 and protein 0.83. Tomatoes are a very healthy food, rich in micronutrients. You include the net carbs in tomatoes to your daily carb allowance.

I don’t see things like condiments, spices and herbs. Am I allowed to eat these?

Yes, you may eat herbs and spices as part of the Whisperer Plan. These foods are excellent additions to a low carb diet, supping virtually no carbs and are high in micronutrients such as polyphenols. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants, chemicals which reduce damaging inflammation.

Vinegar is a great salad dressing and if taken before carbs, has been shown to reduce the blood sugar spike. Read more about this in our article, which you will find here

As a vegetarian can I eat other protein sources to eggs and cheese?

Vegan sources of protein include tofu, seeds, nuts, avocado, nut butters, spirulina, tempeh, other nut-based cheeses and soy.

I am struggling to adapt the Whisperer Plan because I am soya intolerant. Have you any tips please?

The food in the Diet Whisperer Plan is not based on soy products. We do not recommend eating processed food, nor takeaway food, where you find a lot of soy products or soy in the food itself. Soy intolerance is not a problem with the Whisperer Plan.

Can I have mayonnaise?

Yes, you can eat mayonnaise. The macronutrients in one tablespoon are: carbs 0.1g fat 14g, and protein 0.4g. Home-made mayonnaise is by far the best option.

Home-made mayonnaise allows you tochoose anon-inflammatory oil such as extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, walnut oil or other nut oils. You know where the eggs come from, that’s very important for us here in Whisperer HQ, as we don’t like how battery hens are treated. And finally, you know there are no added ingredients such as additives or preservatives, chemicals that you eat at your peril.

Should you choose a commercially mayonnaise, make sure that you check the label looking for added sugar.


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