Cholesterol concerns

I seem to be planning on eating lots of eggs. Would that be unhealthy? Cause rise in cholesterol?

There are a small number (1%) of people called hyper-responders, who have a genetic predisposition to cholesterol rises after high cholesterol foods are consumed, like the egg yolks, you quote. However, most of us can enjoy such foods because we do not have such a response.

When we talk about hyper-responders, we really mean people whose LDL-C (so called bad cholesterol) rises in the blood. And, it is important to find out which type of LDL-C has increased. There are the fluffy, large particles, which are part of our immune system and are not dangerous, or the small particles, which are dangerous, and these are the ones that damage our arterial walls.

Your doctor should be able to help you differentiate between the two. If you have any worries about your cholesterol, we also have a information on the website, which you will find here.

Cholesterol is a complex subject but remember only about 20% of your blood cholesterol arises from your food. 80% comes from the liver, where cholesterol is broken down, recycled and manufactured.

In conclusion, for most of us, fats in food are not the problem. The real problem for most people is that bad cholesterol is made by our liver when the liver is sick. And the commonest reason for a sick liver is eating too much sugar, in particular fructose. In most people, cholesterol improves after 12 weeks on the Whisperer plan, as the liver loses fat and becomes healthy once again.

I’m confused about my cholesterol results and my doctor says that I need to go on statins. But I’m torn on this. Can you help?

Most people on high fat, low carb diets do not develop high bad cholesterol. We have written an article which explains the significance of your cholesterol results. This will you to decide on the best path for you. You will find the cholesterol results page here:


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