Food Additives and Artificial Sweeeteners

Q1. I bought erythritol to have in my coffee, but it says 100g carbs per 100g, but at the of the packet it says zero net carbs no effect on blood sugar levels

Erythritol is an artificial sweetener, and we have an article on artificial sweeteners, which you will find it in our article about artificial sweeteners At Whisperer HQ, we really believe in eating real food and avoiding chemicals. Some of these so-called natural products, while they are from plants contain huge doses, sometimes 200-300 times that found in nature. Such large doses may have unpredicted long-term effects. At Whisperer HQ, we like to help our gut bugs and spare them these chemicals! They help us and we help them.

Q2. Are you really against Stevia as it does not affect blood sugar or insulin levels?

At Whisperer HQ, we believe in eating real food, food that we recognise as food. Artificial sweeteners, highly processed chemicals, for the most part, were introduced by the food industry in an attempt to deal with the obesity crisis. Despite the massive use of artificial sweeteners, there has been no halt in the numbers becoming obese. So, what’s going on? We have written an article on the subject, which you will find it in our article about artificial sweeteners

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