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MediaMedica Ltd does not provide medical advice. MediaMedica provides medical information. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. MediaMedica does not establish a doctor patient relationship with users of the site. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified healthcare provider.

We advise you to see your physician before embarking on any of the plans outlined in the Diet Whisperer website or book. If you have any medical problem, you should seek the advice of your physician before implementing the Diet Whisperer plans or information. If you have any symptoms, questions or health concerns, you should discuss with your physician. The plans and discussions in the Diet Whisperer are not suitable for children. The discussions on hormones and physiology assume that changes and causes are not from underlying health conditions. We assume good health as the baseline for discussions.

The contents of the MediaMedica Website, such as text, graphics, images, videos and other materials created by MediaMedica or obtained from MediaMedica’s licensors and other materials created by MediaMedica are for informational purposes only (collectively “content”).

No Warranties

The information is provided without any warranties, whether expressed or implied. MediaMedica Ltd has made every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided on this website. To the best of our knowledge, the information is true and complete. However, the information is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. MediaMedica does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality or reliability of the information on this site. MediaMedica expressly disclaims liability for errors and omissions in the contents of this site.

MediaMedica makes every effort to keep the site up and running smoothly. However, MediaMedica takes no responsibility for and will not be liable for the site being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control.

MediaMedica does not recommend or endorse any specific tests, physicians, products, opinions or other information that may be mentioned on the Site. Reliance on any information provided by MediaMedica, MediaMedica employees, MediaMedica affiliates, others appearing on the site at the invitation of MediaMedica or other visitors to the Site, is solely at your own risk.

MediaMedica accepts no responsibility for issues raised by users following visits to the site, which may cause queries, delays, cancellations of treatment(s) or any other unplanned event.

External Links Disclaimer

We cannot and will not guarantee that this website is free from computer viruses or anything else that has destructive properties. This website provides links to other websites owned by third parties. The content of such third-party sites is not within our control and we cannot and will not take responsibility for the information or content thereon.

Links to such third-party sites are not to be taken as an endorsement by MediaMedica of the third-party site or any products promoted, offered or sold on the third-party site not that such sites are free from computer viruses or anything else that has destructive properties. We cannot and do not take responsibility for the collection or use of personal data from any third-party site.

Exclusions to Limitation of Liability

Nothing in this statement will limit any liability for death and personal injury caused by negligence, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation or any liabilities that cannot be permitted or excluded under applicable law.

Contact Details

If you have any questions please contact us by email support@dietwhisperer.com or write to us at the following address: MediaMedica Ltd, Izabella house, 24-26 Regent Place, Birmingham, B1 3NJ, United Kingdom.


The following terms are used throughout:

  • The MediaMedica website at the following address: www.dietwhisperer.com is referred to as “Website”, “site”
  • The book called “The Diet Whisperer; The Secrets of Permanent weight loss” is referred to as the ‘we’, ‘book,’ and ‘the Diet Whisperer’
  • The term ‘users’ refers to people accessing the site or registering on the site, for the purposes of accessing the site content
  • The term services(s) refers to our products which include but are not limited to the provision of education in medical conditions.

Last updated: 1st August 2020

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The information on this website is not intended to constitute medical advice, nor is it intended to replace or conflict with the advice given to you by your doctor or other health professional. Before embarking on the plans set out on this website, you should discuss them with your doctor, especially if you have any medical condition or if you are taking any medication. The author and publisher disclaim any liability directly or indirectly from the use of the material in our books and on our website by any person.

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