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Question 1

As our gut bugs diversity increases, our gut health deteriorates

Question 2

Snacks do not cause insulin release

Question 3

Obesity is less than 35% genetic

Question 4

Low-fat yogurts and low-fat foods help us to lose weight

Question 5

Keeping our bodies lean means we will often feel hungry

Question 6

When we lose weight, we mainly breathe out the fat

Question 7

Fiber slows absorption of sugars in food

Question 8

Sugar is a high nutrient value food

Question 9

Leptin, the satiety hormone is released 20 mins after we start to eat

Question 10

Natural muscle loss begins at 35 and carries on throughout life

Question 11

Our brain burns roughly 20% of our bodies energy over 24 hours

Question 12

Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of total body fat

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