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the diet whisperer

12-Week Reset Plan

Lose up to 12 kg in 12 weeks. Supercharge your metabolism reverse diabetes and harmonise your brain clock

Publisher Hodder and Stoughton, Hachette UK

Two doctors want to help people lose weight, and they know how to do it. Obesity is now our biggest health threat and is ruining people's lives. Diets work for a while, but then fail. Why?

In The Diet Whisperer, Dr Paul Barrington Chell and Dr Monique Hope-Ross explain in simple terms why we are now struggling with our weight. And the answers are very surprising. They tell us why calorie counting is flawed, and why exercise is not the answer. They dispel many long-held myths about weight loss and dieting, backing up their methods with up-to-date evidence-based medicine. In this remarkable book on wellness, the two doctors tell us exactly how to lose weight, lose it quickly, and lose it forever.

There are easy to follow plans, for fat adapting our bodies and controlling our fat storage hormones. They teach us how to combine these with safe intermittent fasting, to control our weight forever. As a new diet-whisperer, you will have the skills to make your loved ones healthier too.

Modern life has caused a conflict within our bodies. This makes us ill and overweight. Only by understanding and correcting this conflict will our fat storage hormones allow us to release our fat.
The diet whisperer will teach you every tool you need to achieve the weight you want. At the same time as your metabolism improves you will feel a million dollars once again. Regain that spring in your step. Be happier and healthier.

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the diet whisperer

Weight Loss Journal

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100% of the income from this journal goes to great causes, helping children with nutrition, as well as building and growing our open-access health education programmes.

The Diet Whisperer was founded by two doctors in the UK, and now has followers all over the world. The plans help people lose weight and improve their metabolism. It can also be used to reverse type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, hypertension and many other chronic inflammatory conditions.

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Book 1

the diet-whisperer

The Secrets of permanent weight loss

How to lose weight and become healthier

Let two British eye surgeons show you how to lose weight quickly, stay lean forever and feel better. The book guides you through the 12 weeks.

As doctors Paul and Monique have been advising patients on weight loss and metabolic wellness for decades. When many patients lost weight permanently and reversed their type two diabetes (T2D), they wrote a book about their journey. The book on weight loss is called The Diet Whisperer 12-Week Reset Plan, a much-updated version of their first book. In just 12 weeks you can see your whole life turned around, with up to 12 kg (26 pounds) of weight loss. You will feel so much better and be back in control.

Part 1. The road to Obesity. As doctors Paul and Monique found most people (including most doctors) do not understand why our bodies gain weight. From the book you learn exactly why you put on weight, and this becomes your first cornerstone of success.

Part 2. The Road from Obesity. Paul and Monique take the responsibility for your learning. You learn the secrets of weight loss and how you can nudge your fat storage hormones into giving up your body fat. This is all explained in simple terms, and you will learn how to teach your body to become ‘fat adapted’, torching the fat as you go. There is a whole chapter dispelling the many ‘diet myths’, that most people still hold as true. You will be shocked. There are plenty of Eureka moments through the book when the penny suddenly drops, and you gain a new understanding of your own body. This is the second cornerstone to your success.

Diet Whisperer Book

This book is now out of print
try The Diet Whisperer: 12-Week Reset Plan

I found this book full of information regarding how our bodies, in particular our own hormones, can work against us. It gives information on how to change your food habits to enable you to take back control of your body weight and mental well-being. As a rheumatoid arthritis sufferer, I was particularly interested in how changing my eating habits would reduce inflammation. A very interesting and informative book I would highly recommend.


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