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Q1. I have health problems including diabetes and blood pressure. Do you think this will work for me as I need to lose the weight to try and get back to being healthier?

Yes, this will work for you. Many whisperers have reversed their diabetes and stopped their tablets, having followed the Whisperer Plan and others with pre-diabetes have returned to a normal metabolism. Diabetes can be reversed by losing weight about 10% of your body weight. And you can do this by following the with the Diet Whisperer Plan.

Q2. Can I follow the Whisperer Plan having had my gall bladder removed?

Yes, you can follow the ‘The Diet Whisperer: 12-Week Reset Plan’ following gall bladder removal. There are some special considerations, and you will need to discuss these with your doctor before embarking on the Whisperer Plan.

Q3. I’ve been following your diet for over two weeks. Three days ago, I had heart palpitations, blood pressure readings were coming up as hypertension and my pulse is erratic rather than its normal stable self. So, I googled, and it says heart palpitations etc can be caused in the first weeks of Keto. Do I stop the diet?

If you develop palpitations or other new symptoms, once you start the Diet Whisperer Plan, you should see your doctor to discuss this. Keto flu can cause a variety of symptoms and we discuss this in detail in Chapter 16, of ‘The Diet Whisperer: 12-Week Reset Plan’ on page 162. Keto flu resolves with fat adaptation.

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