Our Mission

To use nutrition and education to reduce future metabolic disease.

We have some key aims at The Diet Whisperer Foundation:

  • To work with schools on healthy, whole food meals
  • To work with schools to educate children about nutrition
  • To eliminate partially hydrogenated trans fats from the food chain
  • To work with primary care groups to provide nutrition as medicine
  • To work with primary care on early preventative medicine
  • To reduce sugar intake and prevent its harmful effects on human health
  • To help young people to escape the obesity trap
  • To help young people to escape the metabolic trap

Trustees of The Diet Whisperer Foundation

Dr Paul Barrington Chell and Dr Monique Hope-Ross are joint founders of The Diet Whisperer Foundation. The funding is from book sales, donations and philanthropy. The founders donated the money to begin the work of the foundation.

Dr Monique Hope-Ross, The Diet Whisperer Foundation Trustee

Dr Monique Hope-Ross
Dr Monique Hope-Ross was appointed to the Birmingham and Midland Eye Hospital in 1993, where she specialised in retinal diseases related to metabolic ill health. Monique ceased clinical practice in 2016 to concentrate on her work in the field of preventative nutrition.

Dr Paul Barrington Chell, The Diet Whisperer Foundation Trustee

Dr Paul Barrington Chell
Dr Paul Barrington Chell was appointed consultant ophthalmic surgeon to Worcester Eye Infirmary in 1996, where he specialised in corneal transplant surgery. Paul ceased clinical practice in 2016 to concentrate on his work in the field of preventative nutrition.

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