A few of our Whisperer community share their stories from around the world. We hope you are inspired by these testimonials.

Type 2 Diabetes Reversal (Letter to The Times)

I am delighted to say that having followed the strategy for losing weight, I have not only controlled my hunger hormones but can officially confirm my weight loss of 2 stones, reduced my waistline by 3 inches and have successfully reversed my Type 2 Diabetes! The midlife makeover continues, and if I can do it at 72 years of age, anyone can. Many thanks to Dr Paul Chell & Dr Monique Hope-Ross together with my caring wife, Christine, and those friends and family who have supported me through the 12 weeks on the Diet Whisperer. Go on…… try it, persevere, lose weight, feel so much better & live longer.

Brian John Blasdale, Warwickshire, UK

Weight Loss

Just to share my news, 20 pounds lighter and my running mate says I’m on fire…haven’t felt so good in ages… thanks xx

Larraine, Texas

Weight loss

The program is really helpful. I have lost 2 stone in 7 weeks. Other folks have seen our success and are intrigued to say the least. We have most of the family on the diet at the moment and wider friends as well. Many thanks

Charles, Perthshire, UK

Weight Loss

I’ve read the book and I’m in my fourth week with things going exactly as stated in the book. Best diet book I’ve ever come across. My wife and son are now following the plan. I’m male, aged 69 preparing to be in the best shape of my life aged 70. Thanks, and best wishes.

Clarence, Ribbleton, UK

Diet Whisperer Plan

I’ve finished reading your book and there are so many aspects which I have just gone Wow! It is a great book and I have just started the plan. Thank you!

Stephanie, UK

Weight Loss

Have been following the plan per the book for two weeks and I’ve lost 10lbs. This really works. My BMI is just over 23 - I’m 1m 79cm and now weigh 74.8 kg. Thanks, Regards


The Diet Whisperer

Thanks for a wonderful read. Fascinating information.

Angela, scientist, Manchester, UK

Weight Loss

Well worth the purchasing of the book and thanks for the all round help, even though it was a small amount of excess weight to lose it has still been a help. I am one stone lighter and waist has gone from 89cm to 82cm, hips 101cm to 93cm.

Maggie, UK

The Diet Whisperer

Loved the book! It really spoke to me and resolved some knowledge gaps. I started my 12-week process yesterday.

Simon, UK

Weight Loss

I am a medical doctor and struggling with my own weight. Your book has been such a revelation. Thank you. During the reading of it, I have eschewed most processed food and felt healthier. I have stopped buying or drinking juice.

Dr. Azmy, Berkshire, UK

Diet Whisperer Plan

My partner and I have just started the 12-week plan and enjoying it all so far (and staying on track!). Your book explains a lot of things I’ve been wondering about too.

Catharine, Westcliff on Sea, UK

Weight Loss

I am at my target weight now and might try a little more! My husband has lost 5kg. I have inspired friends around me (who have bought your book) who wondered how I have lost weight (& maintained since Feb) despite the challenges of full time work and 3 young children. We have both been surprised at the ease of the 24 hour fast. Thank you once again.

Dr Alex, UK

Metabolic Health

I am following your advice and have reached my optimum weight. I have lost 18lbs and I feel wonderful. So full of energy and joy, not felt like this for years. I am in good health. I went for a Dexa scan last Friday in London and have no visceral fat at all! The consultant said he had never seen a woman of my age (I am 68) in such good health! I am so happy!

Janie, UK

The Diet Whisperer

Engaging completely with your book, which I think is amazing!

Dougie, West Midlands, UK

The Diet Whisperer

I’ve just read your book and enjoyed all the nutritional knowledge.

Alison, Surrey, UK

The Diet Whisperer

Many thanks for your book – I ordered this pre-publication having read a review in the Times. Very compelling. I have read it three times and am extremely impressed. I am not a medic (instead, a 76-year-old chartered engineer) but have always been interested in the sciences of nutrition and health. Of the many books that I have read on these subjects, this is one of the very few that is clearly packed with detail careful informed accuracy. With many thanks.

Timothy, Netherlands

The Diet Whisperer

I am reading your book and it makes a lot of sense. Thanks

Jose, Spain

Metabolic Health

My husband and I have changed our diet and improved our health thanks to the Diet Whisperer book.

Kathy, Australia

The Diet Whisperer

I have read & re read your book - it is excellent.

Dr. Azmy, Berkshire UK

Weight Loss

Good News! I am 6Kg lighter and only 3Kg from my target weight having been The program is really helpful. I have lost 2 stone in 7 weeks. Many thanks,

Charles, Bonnyrigg, UK

The Diet Whisperer

I have just read and enjoyed your book.

Verity, UK

Blood Pressure Control

I bought your book and am having amazing results. I've lost a stone in 2 months and my BP is now under control. We have become great fans! And shared your book with many of our friends. Thank you very much.

Chris, Guernsey

The Diet Whisperer

I am following your diet with enjoyment. It suits me.

Susan, Ireland

Weight Loss

I am starting week six and have so far lost 1 stone and 2 pounds. I have been enjoying the plan and am amazed that I never feel hungry and my mind set has changed. Thanks.

Sheila, UK

The Diet Whisperer

Have been using the recipes in the book and finding them delicious. Thanks

Gillian, UK

Weight Loss

I bought your book and I have lost two inches from my waist already. I am thrilled as since menopause nothing I have tried has worked.

Nicky, UK

The Diet Whisperer

I just wanted to say many congratulations for producing such a superbly written book. It encapsulates all the sensible ideas regarding diet and lifestyle which I had gradually accumulated via independent research and a keen interest in fitness and optimising my own performance, both work and play. However, this is the first time I have seen it presented in such a unified and coherent manner.

I completed the Marathon des Sables 9 years ago and utilised the fat adapted model you are proponents of and beat many far quicker runners over the entire week, purely because they were so used to relying on gels etc during one day events. Thank you.

Mathew, UK

The Diet Whisperer

I've just received your book and I'm so excited to get started with my 12 week plan. I love all of the recipes and the schedule, I can't wait to start that - I love routine! Thank you!

Lily, London

Weight Loss

Thank you again for all your advice and I love your book and have given the title to three good friends, one of whom is on week three and already lost 10 lbs.

Janie, UK

The Diet Whisperer

Thank you so much for your work on this, it’s so excellent to learn more about how our body works and so gain (partial!) understanding so that we can apply it to our wellbeing! Thank you again! I’ve bought 4 books for our kids and one for the Doctors surgery!! Kind regards,

Maxine, Kent, UK

Weight Loss

Just starting! The basic table of nutrients is really handy: I can search data for other regular items in my existing basic eating plan, evolved over 20 years from Patrick Holford (heard of him?)’s “Low GL diet”. That helped me shed 2 1/2 stone over 5 months (long back story…), but really kicking my sugar addiction/insulin resistance (but not diabetes) has proved harder (under continuing stress — including sleep disturbance from a now severely disabled family member).Limited 85% cocoa chocolate, and not eating frank carbs before teatime have helped, but Lent is a good time to have moral support for increased self-control!Thanks for all your hard work. “Turning the medical profession is like trying to turn a super tanker” (Dr Alpha A Fowler, 2017, giving keynote speech on megadose Vitamin C for sepsis: I found the video on Facebook). And I totally agree with you about dietary guidelines being 40 years out of date: thanks for honouring John Yudkin and referring to Robert Lustig. “Voices crying in the wilderness”. You know about the three stages of truth: first it’s ridiculed, then it’s attacked, and finally it gets accepted. So well done for sticking your heads above the parapet in the direction of ordinary people: as you say, we can take responsibility for our own welfare, given the right information. As doctors, with extensive clinical experience of the damage done by Type 2 diabetes, you may be slightly more likely to be taken notice of by fellow medics (though the hierarchy will want massive evidence before changing front line practice, never mind what is taught in med school). The phrase “it’s the way it is” cropped up several times in the inspirational film “Hidden figures” (check it out on IMDB) - if I suspect I’m being fed that line, my (suitably moderated!) response is now “it’s not going to stay that way if I have anything to do with it”. Thank you very much for your attention.

Dot, West Midlands, UK

Weight Loss

I have just started your 12-week reset plan. It’s day 4 and I’ve already lost 4lbs!

Lisa, Netherlands

Weight Loss

My wife and I have been doing well with the aid of your book. My wife has dropped 5kgs in the last six weeks. Your expertise is greatly appreciated.

Mark, Australia

Weight Loss

Thanks to all at Diet Whisperer HQ. I started my journey 6 weeks ago and have lost 6kg!

Ollie, UK

Weight Loss

I have just commenced week 9. So far I have lost 18 lbs! I think I think that is my optimum weight now, I am 5' 4 " and am now 9 stone and I feel wonderful.

Janie, UK

Weight Loss

I was prompted to buy the audio and paper copy of the book after reading an article in theTimes. Thank you for your incredibly informative book – an enlightening read. Once armed with the knowledge of how and where I was going wrong, it was (relatively!) easy to fix. However, I must admit that I am embarrassed that my knowledge of nutrition was so poor as a primary care physician. Not anymore thanks to you both! Hoping to inspire my friends and family. Thanks

Dr. Alex, UK

Metabolic Health

I have lost 7 lbs and feel better that I have done in years, so many niggling symptoms have just disappeared! Thank you both for the bible.


Weight Loss

I reached a new low this morning, but in a good way. I’m 60, male and started at 96.1Kg. Today I am 87.6Kg. A total loss of 8.5KG. I ‘ve dropped a trouser size from 38 to 36…dare I dream of fitting into a 34?

Your book explained everything so well, that I am able to understand what I am doing. The yoghurt, raspberry and brazil nuts has become a firm favourite, not as breakfast, but as a pudding. Over the last few days, I have been eating just one meal and pudding in the evening. I’ve survived with not feeling starved too much. Thank you for a great book and for helping me get to where I am.

Terry, West Midlands, UK

Metabolic Health

I have recently read your book and started my 12-week reset. When I say read, I do mean my last binge was binge reading your book! Thoughts after my first week. I feel better for focusing on the 5% carbs. Ok I have had a couple of meals where I broke the rules, but overall I feel better and I am sleeping better after just one week.

James, UK

The Diet Whisperer

I found the chart with the values of common foods, so I am very happy.

Janie, UK

Weight Loss

I’ve just completed 8 weeks of your diet and have lost 5kg. I’m 78 but pretty healthy except for mild heart failure. I don’t need to lose too much more. I now weigh 73.00kg and am about 164cm tall.

Christine, UK

Weight Loss

I read the book all the way through and then applied it. After 7 weeks I have lost 8 kilos and am on track to reach my target weight at the end of the 3 months. I am 72 and in good health, thank you for your advice.

Alan, UK

Metabolic Health

Athletes foot has persisted for many months and has gone.

Amy, UK

Weight Loss

First of all I’m loving the book and have already lost 6kg in 2 weeks. Seriously need to do this as my cholesterol levels are through the roof from too much super refined candy! Many thanks

Roy, USA

Weight Loss

I'd be really grateful for any tips you can give me as I'm really fed up of being overweight and the diet cycle.

Having seen the success of my sisters using this eating plan, I have just started but I have much more weight to lose. I’m really enjoying this way of eating and am already seeing results. I will stick at this – both my sisters succeeded in losing weight and maintaining the loss, so I have good mentors.

Ann-Margaret, Edinburgh

Weight Loss

I’m week 6 nearly and doing really well have lost about 5 kgs which I’m thrilled about. However, thanks to my horrible kids I had a glass of white wine last night. I’m really irritated with myself! Thanks.


Weight Loss

Have your book, done the plan, am near my target. Thanks for the science to understand what must be done.

Philip, Rowhedge, UK

Weight Loss

After the 12 week plan, I am one stone lighter and waist has gone from 89cm to 82cm, hips 101cm to 93cm, thanks for the all round help.

Maggie, UK

Weight Loss

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and have started (I am on day 7 of the plan) with a few hiccups here and there. I live in Italy so the variety of veggies and possibilities seems to fit my needs albeit with a little guessing. Thanks and take care

Giles, Italy

Weight Loss

Today is Day 6 and I have lost 5 pounds.

Liz, UK

Weight loss

Love your book. Sent 2 more copies to friends. I’ve lost 7 pounds since Christmas without really feeling hungry and now weigh 12 stone. Amazing. I’m 75 and don’t want to be an old man with a fat tummy!! Many thanks.

Jim, Ireland

Metabolic Health

The Diet Whisperer has changed our lives and Ade has gone from 3 diabetic tablets a day already down to one, and blood sugar is just getting better every week. We are doing so well with our weight loss and I’ve set new targets I thought that I was going to be carrying the weights for ever as I’m in my 50’s and in menopause . But you have proven me wrong and I’m glowing and have so much more energy. I think you’ve saved Ades live to be fair he had so many things going wrong for him and we kept trying different foods to see what was up setting him, all along it was the sugar!!! We can’t believe the difference it has made to our lives. Thank you for writing this brilliant book and I tell everyone about it, I must send every one mad. I’ve got the knowledge now and I shall never go back to the old way of eating.

Tracey, UK

Whisperer Stable

Total combined weight loss for my wife and I so far is 48lbs which means that we can easily fit into our summer clothes and go for long walks without feeling out of breath. The main differences in our eating habits now are:

the 18 hour overnight fast, that we try to stick to i.e. missing out breakfast. If we can, we keep the fast going until late afternoon which means that we are only eating once per day.

  • Cutting out bread, rice, pasta and potatoes, unless we go out to eat.
  • Having black coffee, tea or herbal drinks outside mealtimes.
  • Cutting out crisps and nibbles, biscuits, cakes and chocolate between meals.
  • Drinking water
  • We still drink alcohol but try to keep off beer.

We listened to the Whisperer audio book again on our travels and heard lots of new information we missed the first time. It helped to reinforce our new way of life and how much better we feel because of it. So, thank you both once again for providing such an amazing diet plan which, we highly recommend.

Charles, UK

Diet Whisperer Journey

We finished the 12 week reset at the end of May. The whole experience has been incredible. We bought the book after seeing your article in the Sunday Times. My boyfriend wanted to lose weight and I'd just recovered from Covid so wanted to do anything to feel healthy and energetic again.

Starting stats:

  1. Jeremy: age 53, height 5'9", starting weight 13st 5lb
  2. Me: age 47, height 5'4", starting weight 9st 9lb.

We set some quite conservative goals which we smashed in the first few weeks! I was 'normal' weight and BMI but my waist hip ratio was a bit high. I was pretty sceptical that I would get a smaller waist, probably believing what my mother said about the after-effects of having children. And I didn't think I needed to lose weight. But I lost 10lb and 7cm from my waist! But Jeremy is a real poster boy for Whisperer. He lost 2 stone so slightly more than the 12kg on the cover of the book! And he has completely changed shape as was carrying out all around his middle. He's noticed lots of other benefits like not getting joint pain and improved running times.

We both really liked the science-based approach and found it helpful to re-read chapters as we were working through the weeks. It was much easier than we imagined and things I thought would be hard, were so easy that I've stuck with them. Although we did get some carb cravings early on, we weren't hungry and we couldn't believe how good all the food was! I did try fasting but it really didn't suit me but Jeremy found it really helpful.

There were a couple of hard things. I found I was exhausted about halfway through and eventually realised I wasn't drinking enough water and that electrolytes helped too. Jeremy struggled with his sleep and still has occasional hunger pangs at night. But overall it was pretty easy.

We really have been evangelising about Whisperer to our friends. And Jeremy has lost so much weight that colleagues have come up to him and asked how he did it!

My reflection is that it was like learning a secret and then everything felt so easy and natural that I wondered how I could ever have lived differently. And unlike friends who have tried 5/2 or various restrictive diets, which are just impossible to do for more than a few weeks, we really are sticking with 'maintain'.

A huge thanks to you both for writing this amazing book which makes it so simple to take back control of your body.

Catharine, UK

Diet Whisperer Plan

First of all congratulations on this book, I am about to finish it -started the plan on Monday and the book and I already feel it is a life changer. In Greek ( I am Greek) we say to start something is the hardest part.

Melissa, Greece

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