For whisperer-loss and whisperer-recover plans, use the blue figure from the BMR calculator.

For whisperer-stable, vary your BMR depending on activity levels. These are the red figures.

Enter your BMR


fats 70%, proteins 25%, carbs 5%

Keep your Keto carbs low, between 25 and 50 grams

  • fats 156g
  • protein 125g
  • carbs 25g

fats 40%, proteins 40%, carbs 20%

Paleo can vary depending on descriptions, but grasses, grains and dairy should be absent.

  • fats 89g
  • protein 200g
  • carbs 100g

fats 45%, proteins 45%, carbs 10%

Keep your Carbs very low for 2 weeks, then good carbs as, much as you like. Protein unlimited.

  • fats 100g
  • protein 225g
  • carbs 50g

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